Technochem Environmental Complex
Pte Ltd - TEC

TEC, is a 100% owned subsidiary of Modern Asia Environmental Group. Established in 1982, TEC is an experienced waste management company providing waste collection, treatment, incineration, distillation, recycling and specialized industrial cleaning.

In July 1999, TEC became the first waste management company in the region to achieve ISO 14001 Certification and TEC also implemented the Hazardous Chemicals Safety Audit System.

In 2003 Technochem upgraded its flammable storage area with a major building reconstruction. Several new waste treatment facilities were also added to its operations at the same time.

On 28 0ctober 2005, Modern Asia Environmental Holdings, Inc. (MAEH) acquired TEC to advance its Asean regional strategy by linking TEC with other MAEH operations in Thailand and Indonesia. A major plan in underway to upgrade TEC's infrastructure in 2006 to increase production levels and improve its services to meet customer needs and parent company standards.

TEC is located in the Tuas Industrial Estate area of Singapore.( Click to enlarge )

TEC currently offers waste collection (chemical/hazardous and non hazardous also), waste water treatment, industrial cleaning, recycling, incineration and sales of solvent & chemicals. The range of services enables TEC to present itself to customers as a “one stop” waste management service provider. TEC’s range of waste management services including:

Waste Collection

Transportation (liquid, solids, and drums).

Waste Management

It includes all waste treatment other than incineration. The major activities are wastewater treatment, hazardous substances disposal, fixation of slurry/solid waste, and other waste management services provided to customers. It also includes industrial cleaning services where TEC decontaminate equipment/facilities using chemical means either on-site at customers’ premises; or off-site at TEC’s premises. Most of the customers are from the chemical industry, electronics industry, oil and gas industry.


Incineration is mainly for solvents and organic chemicals, either solid or liquid, which cannot be more economically treated by other means. TEC has an onsite rotary kiln incinerator manufactured by ABB/Alstrom.

Solvent and Chemicals

TEC provides a comprehensive range of industrial waste management and environment protection services. It is also a leading manufacturer of electronic grade solvents such IPA, Acetone and Methanol. TEC operates distillatory services to convert industrial grade solvent into electronic grade for sales to the disc-drive industry. The Company also repackages some chemicals for resale to selected customer to complete the recycling and re-use circle


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